Custom Printing



Since 2008, we have been perfecting our processes and procedures. We have found that screen printing is more of a science than a process. We have spent an incredible amount of hours testing materials to make the perfect products.


Screenprinting is still one of the most common types of printing on garments. It stands the test of time and the average custom tshirt can last a couple of years. It is the most cost-effective and durable print type for textiles. It has a high tolerance for washing and bright color brilliance.

At Big League, we run both manual and automatic screenprinting presses, which means we can handle any job size.  Not only do we print on garments, we can print on many other accessories and promotional products. The most unique item we have printed are yoga mats!

When placing your next order, keep in mind that the larger your print run is, the lower the price per item will be. And, the more colors you have in your design, the more the price will be per item.


Step 1: Quote

Send us the specs for your project by completing the online order form. We will respond with a price or how to move to the next step. 

Step 2: Design

Either send us your complete high resolution design files or let our team of experienced designers create something for you. Our team will review the files to determine that everything is ready for printing.

Step 3: Pre-Production

After the art is reviewed and approved, the project is prepped for printing. We create films and screens for your project and order any necessary materials like ink.  

Step 4: Production

Each item is printed and dried at the appropriate temperature to cure the ink. 

Step 5: Quality Control

Our Operations Manager and team review each screenprinted product to make sure that everything is to spec. 

Step 6: Ship/Pickup

The final stage is to pack the order and ship or prep it for pickup in our storefront. 

Once you receive your order, we hope to see your review of on Google, Facebook or Yelp!


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